How to prioritise your well-being and self care during Covid

We're living in turbulent times. The news is more draining than ever, we're simultaneously expected to do nothing and everything at the same time, and we're adjusting to some serious lifestyle changes. The boundaries between work and rest, normal and strange, are becoming blurred and it can sometimes feel like life is collapsing in on itself.


It doesn't have to feel like that.


Take a breather. Take some time to focus on yourself, assess your needs and boundaries and cultivate self care habits. To help you on your journey, I've created the Covid Crusher 4-Day Challenge to help beat the internal and external crises of pandemic life (who would have ever thought I'd be typing that sentence?) and stay in control of the variables that you can control.

Empower Yourself and Regain Control

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For four days, commit to helping and nurturing yourself through these difficult times. Say yes to exploring your current patterns of thinking and behaviour along with ways you can be kinder to yourself, and setting attainable goals to keep you in control.


Give this challenge a go and:

  • Get In Alignment With Your Values and Priorities

    Identify imbalances in your values and areas that you want to focus more on in your life

  • Set SMART Goals

    Get serious about goal-setting based on your visions for your future

  • Re-Frame Limiting Thought Processes

    Gain self-awareness and insight into how to identify limiting thought patterns and transform them into more empowering ones

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I'm ready to put myself first and get things back on track!