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Corporate Well-being Services

For start-ups and small or medium size companies who are looking to create a well-being plan and keep their employees productive, healthy and happy!

Claire Elmes

Therapist, Life Coach, Master NLP Practitioner and Emotional Well-being Consultant

Hi, I'm Claire Elmes and I am here to challenge you to see the true potential of your company and to settle for nothing less than all that you are meant to be!


I empower businesses to support staff to live better in life.


Every business is so different so I can work with you and develop a bespoke plan for your employee's needs!

What I Offer

  • Wellness Webinars

    I offer webinars on a variety of well-being topics including work-life balance and the psychoeducation of sleep. I also include webinars as part of bespoke company well-being packages.


  • Organisation Wellness Development Packages

    Personalised wellness strategies and resources for your business to empower the well-being of employees.



  • Group and 1:1 Coaching

    Contact me for more details.



Why Invest in Corporate Well-being Support?

Workplace well-being is becoming more and more important to businesses because of the link between emotional well-being, productivity, motivation and staff morale. In addition, employees are facing unique challenges in the wake of Covid-19 including navigating work-life balance and recovering from burn-out.

With everything that has happened in the last year, work life has been completely turned upside down. Companies and staff have had to adapt to innovative new ways of working. HR departments and CEO's have had to deal with staff sickness and stress, people on furlough, people struggling with caring responsibilities - the list is endless isn't it?


As we find ourselves coming back out of lockdown we are able to step back and reflect on how we want to move forward with our organisations.


So... who has a Well-Being Strategy? Most larger companies have strategies in place on some level. But are staff accessing them and are they offering the right thing at the right time for people? One-size-fits-all approaches can let specific needs and issues amongst staff slip through the cracks, negatively impacting employee well-being and having knock-on effects for productivity and business.


And this is where I can help you to create a strategy that works for your company. We can create and achieve a compelling vision and we can then break it down to help you and your staff to thrive and not just survive.


Do you have a spare minute to share your thoughts? I am compiling as much research as I can to help really tailor my programs to suit companies as best as possible and I would love it if you to complete a quick survey here. If you complete you go into a prize draw to win a FREE wellness webinar!

Well-being Packages

I offer bespoke solutions to each company I work with, both digitally and face to face. I offer you a free audit and full redesign of your strategy, and if you are a start-up company I can help you create your well-being strategy from scratch ensuring you have everything you need. The packages I offer include:

  • Package 1: Team Day Workshops

    Workshops consist of focus on key topics/ themes with space for reflective discussion. These vary from a 1 hour webinar to a 2-3 hour team reflective space depending on the needs of the service. Key topics are stress less, self care, imposter syndrome, feeling good enough, work life balance, and sleep health.


    They provide a space to focus on well-being in a creative, safe and fun way. To ensure that staff feel listened to, there is a focus on how managers can utilise information received from staff to inform their strategy.


  • VIP Extras

    The VIP extras of the membership include:


    • 1:1 sessions to staff and managers who are either struggling or want to enhance performance - helps employees strive for goals, stay accountable and breaks things down to smaller steps. Could be personal or professional.
    • Group Coaching - team support; everyone brings something and gets coached on their ‘problem’ (no more than 10) - helps people to feel safe sharing challenges and team support.
    • Group Supervision - how to push projects forward; support when things get stuck. (No more than 20) - helps team dynamics and projects to stay on track.
    • Group Programs - such as habit building; nutrition; sleep support; mindfulness - all based on scientific evidence.
  • Package 2: Inspire Teams Membership (12 month subscription)

    The basic version of this package includes:

    • Monthly workshops / webinars
    • Access to online system including:
    • Tip sheets related to the theme of the month; focus on energy, drive, and health situations
    • Staff wellbeing assessments includes tips to improve well-being pre and post assessment to demonstrate outcomes of being supported under the scheme
    • Monthly Team Work: A selection of challenges / tips / affirmations / recipes
    • Daily habit and team building
    • Recognition: birthday recognition; team member of the month; wins of the week; shout-outs to recognise peers which encourages collaboration and connection, reduces turnover and increases employee satisfaction

"Claire delivered a fantastic workshop for our society members on tackling stress, burnout and selfcare. We received very positive feedback from all who attended. We learned so much and got some helpful techniques for combatting burnout."

"Claire is professional engaging and very knowledgeable. Would highly recommend. Thank you Claire."

"Claire is professional, friendly and knowledgeable. She has been my clinical supervisor throughout this difficult year and offers practical and helpful advice. Her support is personal genuine and insightful."

"The Covid Crusher challenge has been great for me, given me loads to think about and already feeling much better in myself. This is just what I needed to give me a kick in the right direction. Thanks to Claire for the support she is offering I am very grateful."

Are you interested in a bespoke well-being package for your business?

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